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The research activity of the Department is focused on current theoretical problems in solid state physics, statistical physics, nuclear physics, elementary particle physics and field theory, and in biophysics and physics of soft condensed matter. The Department of theoretical physics has developed a high-performance computer ceneter with the appropriate hardware and software. Intensive research collaboration has been established between te Department and the experimental groups at the Jozef Stefan Institute, and with Institutes and Universities abroad. Members of the Department of theoretical physics participate in numerous international research projects.


  • Theoretical Solid-State and Statistical Physics
  • Theory of Niclei, Elementary Particles and Fields
  • Biophyisics and Soft Condensed Matter

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Head of Department
Prof. Jernej Fesel Kamenik, Ph.D.,

Nevenka Hauschild,, web
Tjaša Lazič,

Telephone: +386 1 477 37 89

Research group for theoretical solid-state and statistical physics is studying phase transitions and critical phenomena in ferroelectrics and surface physics, models of strongly correlated electrons, high-temperature superconductivity and quantum dots, and structure and transport in complex networks.

The members of the group for theoretical particle and nuclear physics are engaged in research on nuclear and hadron physics, quantum chromodynamics, effective theories for electromagnetic and weak meson decays, grand unified theories, physics of relativistic membranes, and high precision computations of three body systems in atomic physics.

The group for theoretical biophysics and soft condensed matter is investigating polyelectrolytes, liquid and colloidal crystals, as well as phospholipid and biological membranes.

J. Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Telephone: +386 1 477 39 00, Fax: +386 1 251 93 85