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Expert research is the key – The Institute is financed by domestic as well as foreign projects from both the public and private sectors. The majority of the projects are financed by the Slovenian Research Agency, with some projects being financed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. These are mainly the research programmes, basic and applied projects, postdoctoral projects and projects for early stage researchers.

Cooperation with the enterprise sector – Besides research projects, the Institute also performs many development projects for different clients from the enterprise sector and for other domestic and foreign clients.

Protection of intellectual property – Special attention is paid to intellectual property. As elsewhere, the protection of intellectual property with patent is related to the business interests of the participating enterprises. In 2006 the Institute was granted 15 new patents.

Enterprises that want to establish contacts with the Institute are invited to consult the activities on our web page Research departments and Centres prior to making contact with the heads of departments, either directly by e-mail or by phone to the Director's office +386 1 477 35 13.


The Institute has a long tradition in developing collaborative pratnerships with industry and the alliance with industry continues to be a priority of the Institute. This collaboration turns out a continuous stream of new products and services, which in turn advance our economy, improve our quality of life and bring real-world technology and management issues into our research laboratories.

The new knowledge and ideas that are the result of the research at the Institute and its international partners offer numerous development opportunities for Slovene and foreign enterprises. Of particular importance are:

  • the development of technologies, devices and products
  • counseling
  • the education of the innovative personnel
  • the joint use of equipment and the organisation of joint development teams
  • assistance with international projects and networks

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In 2007 the Institute was engaged in 243 development projects for domestic and foreign clients. In order to encourage cooperation with the enterprise sector the Institute has established a number of activities:


Since 2006 the Institute has organised meetings that are known as »An Institut Without Walls«. Any enterprise looking for opportunities in knowledge and the possibility to cooperate with the Institute can visit us on a agreed date with a group of its own people for a presentation to our researchers and students. On that day the whole of the Institute is available to that enterprise, with all the laboratories opened, and the possibility to talk to any group at the Institute.


Since 2005 the Institute has organised meetings with the aim of encouraging the awareness of the role that scientific research has in the context of social and economic development. Representatives from the field of research, knowledge users and the representatives of national institutions, as well as representatives of the press, are all invited to attend the meetings. So far, the following meetings have been held:

  • The Institute and the economy

  • The Institute and opportunities

  • The Institute, environment and health

  • Science and art – a new renaissance

  • The Institute and creativity in school

In addition to the presidents of the management boards of major companies and other users, these meetings were attended by ministers Jure Zupan, Andrej Vizjak, Jože P. Damijan, Andrej Bručan, Janez Podobnik, Milan Zver and Vasko Simoniti.


If an enterprise wants to create a permanent link with the Institute, the Institute will appoint an appropriate coordinator. This coordinator helps to create new contacts with research groups at the Institute, informs the enterprise about possible projects, innovations and interests for cooperation, etc. The coordinator's task is also to link more of the Institute's research groups from different research fields into an eventual project or contact appropriate partners in Slovenia or abroad.


The Institute cooperates and offers assistance in establishing new enterprises that are based on new knowledge and technologies. There are some very successful international enterprises among those that were established with the assistance of the Institute, for example Inea and Balder. The Institute is also a co-founder of the Technology park Ljubljana, a place where enterprises can relocate to after an incubation period. The Institute offers an excellent base for building up enterprises during their incubation periods, including:

  • the development from the basic idea to the product
  • the use of equipment and laboratories
  • the availability of interdisciplinary experts and staff support
  • the search for new partners and new capital

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