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Slovensko English 2022-08-08

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Prof. dr. Aleksander Rečnik received prestigious »Pannonia Award« following his 20-year collaboration with the Department of Geology and Environment, Faculty of Engineering at Pannonian University, and support of Hungarian doctoral students in electron microscopy of interfaces in their studies of phase transformations in materials. Joint research involved in–situ TEM experiments to study solid state reactions. In January 2022, a fundamental NKFIH–ARRS research project on aragonite twinning was approved for funding, where Hungarian and Slovenian researchers jointly tackle the problems related to the formation of aragonite under atmospheric conditions, which is one of the fundamental issues in mineralogy. The recognition to our colleague was awarded by the Academic Senate of the University of Pannonia and honors outstanding personalities with long–standing collaboration that substantially contributed to the development of new research areas at their university. Congratulations!

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Researchers Saša Prelovšek Komelj from the Department of Theoretical Physics and M. Padmanath from Mainz find evidence for the longest-lived exotic state composed of quarks. Their article in Physical Review Letters establishes this state with an ab-initio study based on the fundamental theory for the first time. The state consists of two charm quarks together with antiquarks u and d, and was experimentally discovered at CERN by the LHCb collaboration in July 2021 - Nature Physics. It contains more than three quarks and therefore represents an exotic hadron. Conventional hadrons, for example, proton and neutron, are composed of up to three quarks. Investigations of exotic hadrons reveal whether the mechanisms responsible for their existence are analogous to those that bind protons and neutrons to nuclei, which are in turn responsible for the energy released in nuclear fusion and fission.

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Prof. Barbara Malič, Head of the Electronic Ceramics Department is the recipient of the IEEE Ferroelectrics Recognition Award for the year 2022. The award is given by the Ferroelectrics Committee of the Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society (UFFC-S) for meritorious achievement in the field of Ferroelectricity or related sciences. Prof. Malič received the award for her outstanding contributions to the elucidation of the relationships between chemical and physical properties in ferroelectric ceramics at the 2022 ISAF-PFM-ECAPD joint conference International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics – Piezoresponse Force Microscopy International Workshop-European Conference on Applications of Polar Dielctrics which took place from June 27 to July 1, 2022, in Tours, France. The award is not only a recognition of the research of the recipient but also the confirmation of the excellence of ferroelectrics research within the Electronic Ceramics Department placing it among the best research groups in the field.

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Andrej Zorko from the Solid State Physics Department is the recipient of the 2022 Science Impact Award for his work on quantum spin liquids. This award is given annually by the Science and Technology Facilities Council from the United Kingdom to celebrate the scientific impact of the research conducted at the ISIS, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory large-scale user facility in the last five years. This is a world-leading research centre than supports more than 2000 researchers applying neutron scattering and muon spectroscopy to various fields of natural sciences. Andrej Zorko led an international research group and was awarded for their discovery of the first realization of a quantum spin liquid on a triangular spin lattice with dominant Ising antiferromagnetic exchange interactions, which has recently been published in Nature Materials. These results revealed that the family of rare-earth heptatantalates represents a novel framework for quantum spin liquids.




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