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The Reactor centre near Ljubljana was built in 1966. Knowledge in the fields of nuclear science and technology was very useful for the construction and operation of Slovenia's first nuclear power plant, in Krško, and subsequently for conducting radiation measurements, safety analysis, and the training of nuclear experts.

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From the beginning the research activity of the Institute has also been oriented towards research in the field of nuclear physics and the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. At the Reactor Centre four Institute research departments and several centres were established.

The Department of the Low and Medium Energy Physics performs research on atomic and nuclear physics and is also engaged in radiological environmental protection, namely the regulation of nuclear facilities and the control of the level of radioacive substances in food and the environment. In was for this reason that the Ecological Laboratory,with its mobile unit, was established. The main research areas of the Reactor Physics Department are theoretical, experimental and applied reactor physics, plasma physics, nuclear fragmentation, neutron dosimetry, neutron radiography, the physics of semiconducting devices and oncology. The Reactor Engineering Division performs nuclear engineering and safety research covering the modeling of basic thermal-hydrodynamical processes, thermal-hydrodynamical safety analyses of the project and severe accidents, structural safety analyses and probabilistic safety analyses. The multidisciplinary research of the Department of Environmental Sciences focuses on the combination of reciprocal physical, chemical and biological processes that influence our environment.

Več o reaktorskem centru v Podgorici/his.jpg

Among the centres and support services at the Reactor Centre are the Energy Efficiency Centre, the Nuclear Training Centre, the Reactor Infrastructure Centre and the Radiation Protection Group.

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